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Our leading consultants specialize in communications strategy, market research and business consulting for corporate and government clients. Our tailor-made market intelligence advise organizations operating in emerging markets and help those in search for a gateway of new opportunities.



Leading media consultants

Our highly experienced media consultants know what it takes to produce high-end media campaigns and can boost your company's profile across a wide-range of media outlets.

Increased brand awareness

Increase awareness and brand recognition to a targeted influential readership of industry and government captains, savvy investors, business readers and professionals worldwide.

Attract new partners

Attract savvy partners and organizations to joint venture, invest or support HR opportunities that lead to mutual exchange of expertise, innovation and technology.

Our highly experienced team of consultants specialize in offering integrated corporate communications, market research, and business and media strategy to clients from various industries.

We handle a variety of assignments from economic studies, risk surveys and financial analysis in markets where this information is difficult to find.

We remain diligent in how we spend time and resources, and advise clients most practically on how to reach their communication and corporate objectives quickly.

Many companies try a “do it all yourself” approach and find that they are not getting the results they had hoped for. This is where WBT can step in and help. We assess the company’s market position, reputation, communication strategy and business activities, and guide you toward a more effective business approach.

Our philosophy is to focus on an organization’s core values – creating authentic messages and experiences for audiences to engage. Our aim is to deliver well-considered, innovative solutions that will merge your business and creative objectives in a meaningful way, and use them as a road map to develop a strong visual language that supports the core values of your organization.

With the aid of our top creatives through our custom publishing department, we can provide engaging content, reports, and corporate marketing materials and solutions. Our team consistently blends creativity, business strategy and corporate objectives to deliver powerful results for clients.

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