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WBT is a leading global publisher of country and industry reports. Our Insight Reports focus on issues that move markets, examine the region and topics at hand by scrutinizing industries, economic projections vs. reality,  the socio-political environment, interview the leaders and industry experts, and discuss scope for change and

We are World Business Times (WBT) a leading communications company that delivers comprehensive content as well as expert consultancy and corporate marketing solutions. We bridge the communication gap between organizations, government, decision-makers and readers that seek information as well as economic and investment insight.

WBT is globally recognized for producing insight reports that offer fresh analysis and insights into the world’s exciting frontier markets, ultimately providing readers with unique perspectives. Our reports focus on issues that move markets and which we’ve found decision-makers seek in order to quickly respond to today’s irregular economic conditions.

The reports examine investment opportunities, critical industries and the legislative climate of the regions in focus. They help readers and investors navigate through the intricacies of government, while also providing a comprehensive, interesting read of the issues at hand.

They provide connectivity and relevant information that is absorbed instantly across borders, explaining the specifics of one economy and allowing readers from another to access that information and have an elevated understanding of the prospects and challenges at hand.

Here at WBT we are very careful of who is permitted to advertise within the reports.

Brands and companies that deliver value and serve well to community are welcome.

Our strong links with renowned global media brands worldwide means we are adept at bridging the gap in communications between the reader, organizations, governments and decision makers. This enables us to achieve greater reach around the globe as well as offering WBT partners the opportunity to reach the audiences that would benefit from our content. Some of these brands include the newspapers and magazines under News Corporation, New York Times Group, Tribune Company, the Daily Telegraph, the Economist and 15 other partnerships in developed and emerging markets.

WBT has the journalists and resources to source information that is unique and exclusive to any other media. We also have our own exclusive readership of over 14,000 high-ranking professionals and decision makers in various industries across the globe. WBT reports allow readers to understand the scope and opportunities of today’s fastest growing economies.

In order to offer our clients a fully-rounded service we have recently established two other divisions that offer communications and advertising support: WBT Communications, which provides public relations, media strategy and consultancy services; and WBT Advertising, which provides branding, creative design and corporate marketing solutions.


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Your organization will be involved in an integrated partnership with World Business Times and The Daily Telegraph across multiple platforms – print and online.

  • Special report with distinct feature on your company
  • Corporate profile or advertisement can be included
  • Expanded distribution options for events, conferences, to stakeholders, target audiences, etc.
  • Custom report microsite or ebook
  • Advertising on world-businesstimes.com and our partner medias
  • Branded ads driving traffic to ebook
  • Cubes with embedded video and pre-rolls can be available

We are also in the position to cater marketing campaigns to your specific needs. Nothing we create is off-the-shelf. We look at each company’s needs from a fresh perspective, taking equal measure of challenges and opportunities.

Our team of creatives and designers are a diverse and experienced collective with complementary skills that span branding, graphic design, advertising, marketing, PR and digital. From this core collective we put together project teams that can be supported by our well-established network of specialists across planning, research, illustration, photography, copywriting and technology.

For more information see our media solutions section.


For Decision Makers
  • With millions of readers through the Daily Telegraph or any of our global media partners, World Business Times further distributes its reports to over 14,000 decision-makers and the who’s who in business and government in major developed and emerging markets worldwide.
  • Country distribution includes China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Russia and Brazil
  • Total circulation is 14,600 business readers across all major industries
Additional Distribution

Major infrastructure projects depend heavily on financing. However the financial industry, governments and decision makers across the globe often lack sufficient information to release required capital efficiently. This is why WBT positions its reports to reach decision makers to assist them in their capital deployment decisions – WBT readers include heads of state, senior officials, industry leaders, HNWIs, economists, research analysts, fund managers, asset and portfolio managers, private equity firms, investment committees and hedge funds.

Extensive Domestic and International Promotion

All sponsors and advertisers of WBT reports receive additional copies for their own marketing requirements. This gives additional exposure to the remaining advertisers and companies within WBT’s reports as tens of thousands of copies are dispersed further amongst conferences, summits, road shows, investor relations and to professionals worldwide.

Through the print and online publication by WBT, your company's profile will be significantly raised in the global marketplace.